The Unresolution Resolution


Happy New Year! I hope you are recovering from an evening of New Years Eve debauchery.

This time of year is full of optimistic and ambitious people resolving to change their lives. I am not one of those people. I don’t do resolutions. That’s not how I roll. I also have this problem where as soon as I’m super into something (like a new fitness regime), I pay for it and then immediately lose all interest. My wallet is very tired of this cycle.

I only recently started noticing this pattern. I’ve done it with Headspace, DoYouYoga and a number of courses with Sadie Nardini. All of these things are useful & great but as soon as I switched from a free trial to paid, I completely stopped using them. Every. Single. Time.

I didn’t understand why this was my pattern until last week when I was listening to a Balanced Bites podcast on resolutions. One of the hosts, Diane SanFilippo said “are you setting a goal you don’t want to achieve?”

Tweet: ‘Are you setting a goal you don’t want to achieve?’ – The Unresolution Resolution via @practicallyyoga

Major lightbulb moment people. All of my recent fitness related aspirations (CrossFit, HIIT, PiYo), at the core, were about me wanting to magically become a size 2 with bikini ready abs. And of course, all of these programs failed. And I think its because I don’t actually want to be a size 2. I just want to be me. I just want to do yoga and shut off all the other noise.

As Diane said in the podcast, “we cannot be forced to achieve something we don’t want.”

So, are you making a resolution you don’t actually want to achieve? There is nothing inherently wrong with making resolutions – you just have to realize that January 1 is not the only time you can change your life. Any day is a good day to succeed or fail at changing.

 Tweet: Any day is a good day to succeed or fail at changing. – The Unresolution Resolution via @practicallyyoga

If you do want to make a resolution, really take the time and think about if its something you really want. If your health and fitness is an important goal for you, would saying you are going to lose 50 lbs really make you happy? Or would it be more realistic to say you are going to start going on walks on your lunch break when the weather is nice?

Breaking down your goals into smaller chunks makes it more likely to succeed, and also makes it easier for you to visualize and track. But keep in mind, failing at your goal does not make YOU a failure. You are already perfect, whole and enough as you are -succeeding or failing at your resolution does not change that.

Am I making a resolution for 2017? No. I am choosing to make the healthiest decisions I can every day. And those decisions will be different every day.

Did you make a resolution for this year? Do you do something different altogether? Let us know in the comments!

Til next week,


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One thought on “The Unresolution Resolution

  1. Amy Rader says:

    I set action oriented resolutions – like walking my dog regularly and making dinner at least two nights a week (What can I say – I really dislike cooking.) But I totally agree – I think sometimes we get stuck in someone else’s dream. That’s what sales and the internet is all about! Good for you for realizing that you’re following someone else’s standards and for shaking it up and turning towards yourself.

    This year I’m mostly looking to find CLARITY. I want to know the difference between what I’m trying to do with Yoga for Humans and who I am as a yoga teacher, and I want to be bold and quit some things that pay me well but aren’t my deep passions. I’m going to need my fearless heart for this!

    Thanks for being AWESOME.

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