Bye, Felicia. (2016 is Felicia)

I don’t think anyone will object when I say that it really seems like 2016 was a crock of sh*t from start to finish. Was is the objectively the worst year in all of recorded human history? Maybe not. But a lot of people are feeling rightfully dragged through the mud right now. Fortunately I have a platitude on hand for this: Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.


This is a visual representation of us being lotuses rising out of the mud.

Now it’s likely possible that 2017 will be awful, too. But on the precipice of the new year I think we can all take a second to hope for something better for ourselves and for our world. I won’t get too involved looking forward, since Bee will be taking care of that for you on Monday, kicking off the new year (and our new, partially formed and half-baked, upgraded posting schedule) with some truth bombs about resolutions.

Instead, since we just finished hosting a Mundane Gratitude challenge, I’ll take a moment to acknowledge all the things we have that are still alright. Like fairy lights caught in your hair in a darkened yoga studio, parts of 2016 were bearable; sparkling and beautiful, even. Especially if someone was there to laugh at you through them.

At the end of this year we are grateful for our partners, friends, families, and furbabies. We are grateful for sushi, burritos, and sushi burritos. We are grateful to live in a place where we experience all four seasons to their fullest, even when they trap us at home for days. We are grateful for tea. We are grateful for tigers. We are grateful for the internet, which thrills and enrages us in equal measure. We are grateful for yoga, which thrills and enrages us in equal measure. We are grateful for one whole year of Practically Yoga. We are grateful to live in a time where I can complain at length to Bee instantly about anything whenever I want.

We are grateful for anyone who took the time to read this post.

We are grateful for yoga pants and we are grateful for each other.

See you all next year,




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