Mundane Gratitude Roundup: Dec. 19-25

Happy Boxing Day! I hope you are surviving the holidays so far! And that the Boxing Day grounds aren’t making you wish you stayed home to fill your face with delicious baked goods (no judgement people).

Have you been following along with our #MundaneGratitude challenge on Instagram? You definitely should – I promise lots of yoga sarcasm with sprinkles of occasional wisdom and soul searching. And there’s only one week left- so low commitment!

Since we know the world doesn’t revolve around Instagram (no matter how much we wish it did), I wanted to create these roundups every week so the blogosphere can share in our challenge! Here’s week 4! Want to know why Mundane Gratitude matters to us? Read on!

DEC. 19


Do you have a person in your life who insists that every time your family gets together x-thing has to happen? Depending on who you are you might love these things or you might hate them with the intensity of 1000 suns.

Usually this need to see family traditions upheld is rooted in the desire to make memories and have fun. When I was younger this often took the form of being forced to sing or put on little plays with my cousins. I tried many things to get out of this, including an aggressive goth phase, but nothing ever seemed to work. At least there are no pictures? (as far as I know).

Today’s assignment: Let something go. Whether that’s doing something you really didn’t want to do to make someone happy, or not doing something you wanted to do to make someone happy. Share your own #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you just don’t get your way.

DEC. 20


That’s weirdly specific, Elle, could this be something you’ve had experience with? Why, yes, dear friends it is. Despite me politely and then less politely asking, people are often unable to resist my dog’s “But where is my turkey?” stare. And honestly I don’t know what the silver lining was except maybe Luna got to eat a lot of ham and I learned to never take my eyes off her at family functions.

What do you do when people around you refuse to accept that you know what is best for you (or your dog). How do you handle people who don’t listen?

Today’s assignment: Make your point. Stand up for yourself (and your pets) and for your physical and mental health. Share your own #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you need calm and confidence.

DEC. 21

gratitude-21Considering the regular crowd that actually follows this instagram, today is an easy one. We are all aware of the turmoil surrounding the “correct” way to greet someone during the holiday season.

But let’s be real: no matter what way someone is wishing you happiness and peace, they’re doing it right and you would frankly have to be a huge tool to not be grateful for it.

Today’s assignment: Don’t be tool. Share your own #MundaneGratitude that you’re not a tool or Mundane Gratitude from a time when you had to deal with someone who was in fact a huge tool.

DEC. 22


You are standing in the mall, there is one week before Christmas. Suddenly all the people you know and love are a complete mystery to you. Or you need a gift for your last minute office Secret Santa. You don’t know what they do for fun,or if you do know then they already have everything. You ask every deity you’ve ever heard of why you didn’t start shopping sooner and why you didn’t just buy everything on Amazon.

In the reverse situation of our post a few days ago, what do you do when you realize that you have no idea at all what someone might like or find useful?

Today’s assignment: Learn something about someone. Share your own #MundaneGratitude about a lesson learned about a loved one or a stranger; or share how you go about learning about the people around you. My favourite way is to grill them about what their favourite Harry Potter book is.


DEC. 23


Don’t get me wrong I adore my family. But it is a large and far-flung family, and sometimes I don’t get to see my extended relatives for actual years. This can mean explaining to people that I’m now a yoga teacher when the last time I talked to them I was going to be a journalist or veterinarian or a cat.

How do you approach talking to people who feel entitled not only to your life story, but also to critique it? Are you ever that person to someone else?

Today’s assignment: Be proud of yourself. Share something about yourself that you’re proud or grateful for (it could be coming out to your family, it could be that you got your dream job, it could be that you made the bed this morning).

Do any of these situations resonate with you? Share your stories of Mundane Gratitude in the comments!

Till next week,



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