One Year of Practically Yoga!

Happy Winter Solstice yoga people! I can’t believe Christmas is in four days… like seriously… I’m pretty sure yesterday was the beginning of September.

Anyway, when I logged into our WordPress account today- it gave us a lovely early Christmas present! Apparently one year ago today we registered Practically Yoga and started our wonderful blogging journey!


So what did Year One of Practically Yoga look like?

  • 19 posts
  • 577 visitors
  • 22 subscribed followers

These might look like small, little numbers. But for us its already more than we could have hoped for. Given that we both work full time, what we’ve been able to accomplish in one year is a success in our books!

Whats up for Practically Yoga in 2017?

More posts!

We want to keep writing about what is going on in our yogi lives, so you can look forward to posts on yoga, sustainability, minimalism, food and everything in between!

This blog is a place for us to express ourselves- so thats exactly what we’re going to do!

Til next time,


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