Mundane Gratitude Roundup: Dec. 12-18

Have you been following along with our #MundaneGratitude challenge on Instagram? You definitely should – I promise lots of yoga sarcasm with sprinkles of occasional wisdom and soul searching.

Since we know the world doesn’t revolve around Instagram (no matter how much we wish it did), I created these roundups every week so the blogosphere can share in our challenge! Here is week 3!

Want to know why Mundane Gratitude matters to us? Read on!

DEC. 12


Elle and I live in Canada. Which means a lot of snow, for most of the year. It is basically built into our schedule that at some point our plans will be ruined by that beautiful white stuff kids make angels in on your lawn.

How do you react when things don’t go according to plan? Can you deal with your well laid plans being turned upside down?

Today’s assignment: Go with the flow. Share your own stories of winter #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you need to create some heat!

DEC. 13


Shame, guilt, exhaustion, frustration. These are the hallmark emotions you will feel when you realize you are just so over the holidays. According to our tv’s, social feeds, and family, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year! But what if we just can’t bring ourselves to give a f***?

Today’s assignment: Don’t feel guilty if the holidays just aren’t your thing. You don’t need to internalize your feelings, own them proudly. There is nothing wrong with you if you just can’t stomach another Christmas party or Secret Santa.

Share your own stories of holiday exhaustion or poses/rituals you do when you need a break from the holiday cheer.

DEC. 14


Are you the odd one out in your family? I know I feel like I am sometimes. You may have vastly different philosophies, perspectives or life values than your family. But can you view those differences as an opportunity to share, and be vulnerable and open? You might learn something new about your family that you never knew before.

Today’s assignment: View difference as an opportunity. Share your own stories of being the family ‘black sheep’ (or red strawberry in this case) or poses/rituals you do when want to cultivate awareness and empathy.

DEC. 15


Holiday traffic is the worst. All you want to do is stuff your face and take a nap, and instead you are stuck on a highway with thousands of other people who want to do the same thing.

This is a situation where you are literally stuck. You can’t get out of it, you just have to sit there and deal with it. Can you deal with being uncomfortable? It’s not a natural human desire. We never want to be doing things that are not pleasurable. That’s not how our brains our wired. But sometimes there is nothing we can do about it.

Today’s assignment: Be comfortable being uncomfortable. Incorporate asana into your practice that make you want to squirm (pigeon pose anyone?). Share your own stories of uncomfortable #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you want to challenge yourself.

DEC. 16


This happens to all of us, even (especially) those of us who teach yoga for a living. And we here at Practically Yoga believe that doing things last minute isn’t just a choice, it’s a way of life. So if you’re anything like us it’s possible the last few weeks have been a total sh*t show for you. It’s easy for your practice to get pushed to tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Maybe it’s not just your yoga practice that gets neglected. Lots of things we should be doing because they’re good for us fall by the wayside when we’re busy and stressed. What’s the first thing that gets cut from your self-care when life gets too demanding?

Today’s assignment: Do something for you. Take time out for a practice, meditate, make yourself a cup of tea and pick up a book, just sit down and breathe for a few minutes and then sincerely acknowledge that what you did was worthwhile and productive. Share your own stories of self-care and self-love #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you need to refocus on your own wellbeing.

DEC. 17


This weekend is the last full shopping weekend before Christmas. Which you all know means lines, and crowds, and stores and radio stations playing non-stop holiday tunes. This can start to wear down even the most devoted holiday fanatics, and if you work in customer service this is one of the worst weekends of the year. I have always found my #MundaneGratitude for situations like this in the Starbucks Holiday Menu.

We all have our different way of dealing with these situations. How do you keep yourself motivated when everything seems an endless annoyance? How do you handle dealing with busy, angry or stressed out people? How do you interact with people when you’re busy, angry or stressed out?.

Today’s assignment: Be nice. Be nice to others, be nice to yourself. Recognize if you’re taking something out on your loved ones or an unsuspecting cashier because you’re stressed and not because they’re doing something wrong. Recognize when someone is taking something out on you because they’re stressed and try to forgive them. Share your own stories of stress and annoyance related #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you need to cool down and put things into perspective.

DEC. 18


Now there are different levels of this; maybe it’s a Secret Santa from a coworker or maybe it’s a present from a friend or loved one that makes you question whether they’ve actually ever known you at all. And while perhaps it’s should be the thought that counts there are situations where it’s mind boggling that the thought even occurred at all. And for those of us who are already scrooges, we can often us moments like this to validate our Holiday Hate: are we all just buying sh*t for the sake of buying sh*t??

Today’s assignment: Share something about yourself with someone. It doesn’t have to be baring the darkest part of your soul; just anything that will help them know a more complete you. For example: Three years into our relationship, and after three years of receiving Lindt chocolate for every occasion, I finally broke down and told my partner that I actually f*cking hate Lindt chocolate. And you know what? Nothing bad happened, and now I get chocolate that I don’t hate.

Share your own #MundaneGratitude of a personal truth that no one knows or understands or a time you have been blindsided by people’s perceptions of you.

Do any of these situations resonate with you? Share your stories of Mundane Gratitude in the comments!

Till next week,

Bee & Elle


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