Mundane Gratitude Roundup: Dec. 5-11

Have you been following along with our #MundaneGratitude challenge on Instagram? You definitely should – I promise lots of yoga sarcasm with sprinkles of occasional wisdom and soul searching.

Since we know the world doesn’t revolve around Instagram (no matter how much we wish it did), I wanted to create these roundups every week so the blogosphere can share in our challenge! Here’s week 2!

DEC. 5


This is a tough one guys. Most of us could stand to be disappointed, but we couldn’t bear it if we disappointed someone else. Especially if that someone was our child (or fur child). Everyone says that the holidays isn’t about the gifts. But lets be honest, if you drop the ball on an important gift- you are going to hear about it.

We show our love through gifts, but do we have to? Maybe the holidays can be an opportunity to explore how to share affection and kindness with your loved ones that don’t involve shiny new ‘things’.

Today’s assignment: Show someone you love them through your actions and words, not through your wallet. Share poses/rituals you do to help cultivate love.

DEC. 6


My brother and I were brutal to each other growing up, straight up awful sometimes. Does your sibling get on you nerves? We tend to be annoyed by people who are the most like us. They present us with a mirror of ourselves in some way, forcing us to see a negative quality about ourselves that we would rather avoid.

You can either choose to look in the mirror and shatter the crap out of it, or look away and pretend it isn’t there. I think you know which option is the more rewarding one.

Today’s assignment: Think about a quality of a sibling or close friends that rubs you the wrong way -maybe it isn’t really about them. Share your own stories of sibling #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you need to self-reflect.

DEC. 7


We’ve all been there. You’ve had a long a** day and you just want someone to help you out. Rather than being passive aggressive (which is what I would do), can you stand up for yourself and ask for help? When people around you are being thoughtless, can you be the bigger person and bring up the collective ‘goodness’ level of the room?

Today’s assignment: Show yourself some radical self-care by creating healthy boundaries. You don’t have to do it all. And you shouldn’t be expected to. You’re not Iron Man for goodness sake. 
Share your own stories of selfish #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you need to take care of yourself first.

DEC. 8


My cat is super adorable. But if she ever knocked over our Christmas tree, I would lose my mind. But what would that actually achieve? Nothing. Except make me feel like an a**hole for taking my frustration out on an adorable cross eyed cat that doesn’t know any better.

The moral of this story is that sometimes things are well and truly beyond our control. This is a scary concept for most people. Giving up control over any part of your life means admitting defeat. But knowing when to throw in the towel, shake your head and laugh it off is a healthier response than trying to exert control when you don’t have any.

Today’s assignment: Can you let your yoga practice lead you? Listen to your body’s cues and don’t force an asana that just isn’t happening today.

Share your own stories of letting go of control or poses/rituals you do when you need to accept something you cannot change.

DEC. 9


When I first told my family I had started a yoga blog, they laughed in my face and were like WTF? Now, I have never put much stock in what my family thinks- mainly because I really don’t care. But when your family questions the thing that completely changed your life, it makes you start questioning yourself.

Can you remain steadfast in your beliefs when those closest to you don’t understand them? Use this as an opportunity to recommit to your practice and even share your positive experiences with your family.

Todays assignment: remember that your practice is just for you, no one else. Share your own experiences of people questioning your yoga and how you overcame it or poses you do when you need to sink a little deeper into your practice.

DEC. 10


Growing up, if my mom burnt or otherwise ‘ruined’ a dish for a holiday meal, she chucked the whole thing in the garbage and declared dinner was ruined. On the other hand, the only way we knew dinner was done when my dad was cooking was if all the smoke alarms in the house went off. Oh the memories.

Food holds a tremendous amount of symbolism for most people, especially because most of our holidays in North America revolve around people coming together around a full table to break bread.

Today’s assignment: don’t let one small thing ruin the rest of your day, week, or holiday. Laugh at yourself if something goes awry. If you burn your turkey, order a pizza. If you spill wine on the white rug, tie dye the whole thing.

Share your own stories of kitchen disasters and how you got over them. Share poses/rituals you do when you need to not take yourself so seriously. I personally like to try balance poses that I know I will fall out of – it makes me laugh every time!

DEC. 11


I actually consider it a personal achievement if I don’t make it to midnight on New Years. I am not one for resolutions so I don’t really understand the appeal. What I do understand is that people like the idea of getting a fresh start every year. December 31 is the day to pick yourself up and dust yourself off from whatever sh** went down that year and prepare yourself for the fresh start of January 1.

But I actually think we get that chance far more often. We get 365 chances at a new start every year. Every day is an opportunity for you to be a different person than you were yesterday.

Today’s assignment: Let go of yesterday, last week, last month. Give yourself the ability to change 365 times a year, not just once a year.

Share your own New Years Eve stories or poses/rituals you do when you want to shake things up.


Do any of these situations resonate with you? Share your stories of Mundane Gratitude in the comments!


Till next week,



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