Mundane Gratitude Roundup: Dec. 1-4

Have you been following along with our #MundaneGratitude challenge on Instagram? You definitely should – I promise lots of yoga sarcasm with sprinkles of occasional wisdom and soul searching.

Since we know the world doesn’t revolve around Instagram (no matter how much we wish it did), I wanted to create these roundups every week so the blogosphere can share in our challenge!



Picture this: you spend two hours putting up your Christmas decorations and you are feeling pretty proud of yourself. Then, you notice Mr.Smith across the street has basically created a winter wonderland in his front yard. Somehow your one string of lights and slightly deflated Santa just don’t seem good enough. . Silver lining? You won’t spend your entire paycheque on electricity or short fuse the neighbourhood.

Today’s assignment: share your own stories of neighbourly #MundaneGratitude. You can also share poses or rituals you do when you’re feeling surly and competitive. You do you #yogi!

Dec. 2


I think it is a law of the universe that our relatives drive us crazy- it’s part of what makes them your family. It’s also part of the reason why the holidays can be so stressful. But it’s how you respond to your family pulling you in a million different directions that defines how your holiday season will turn out.

Today’s assignment: Recognize love in all familial situations. You can also share your own stories of family #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you need to decompress.

Dec. 3


I am a notorious ‘thing’ forgetter. I’ve even lost a shirt while wearing it. I’m not proud of that one. But my gut reaction whenever I lose or forget anything is anger and embarrassment. Like, how could I be so stupid to forget X thing? How do you respond when you forget something important? Do you have a meltdown? Or do you go into ‘fix-it’ mode?

Today’s assignment: Notice when you start to feel angry or embarrassed. Don’t take it out on those around you. Share your own stories of travelling #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you’ve been stuck in a plane, train or automobile.

Dec. 4


I’m not a good sharer, especially when it comes to food. I have a tendency to get possessive and think something is ‘mine’ when it really is not. Maybe I just like pie a little too much.

I think today’s question really demonstrates how our egos get in the way sometimes. How has your ego influenced your yoga practice? I am willing to bet your ego has given you at least a couple bruises (falling out of an advanced arm balance anyone?).

Today’s assignment: Let go of something you think is ‘yours’. Share your own stories of egotistical #MundaneGratitude or poses/rituals you do when you need to kick your ego to the curb and eat a big piece of humble pie.


Do any of these situations resonate with you? Share your stories of Mundane Gratitude in the comments!

Till next week,



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