30 Days of Mundane Gratitude

Does anyone else get annoyed when they see #blessed or #grateful on someone’s social media? Be honest. It can’t just be me.

It’s not that I’m jaded or cynical. However, it does seem easy, straightforward and uncomplicated to feel blessed and grateful for the things these #’s are normally put on: like perfect sunsets, vacations, smiling family members, etc. I.E. when things are going great. But, gratitude isn’t always perfect. It doesn’t have to be rainbows, sparkles and unicorns. And there is no wrong way to be grateful.Tweet: There is no wrong way to be grateful.

Elle and I have been discussing the idea of being grateful for things that aren’t Instagram perfect. We’ve decided to call these things #mundanegratitude. We believe that if you can find gratitude in the everyday, and not just in the perfect moments, you can appreciate your life for what it is, rather than for what it is not. This is something I have written briefly about on our Tumblr.

To put a bit of a holiday spin on this topic, maybe the store is all sold out of the toy that your child desperately wants. Can you still be #grateful when that happens? What would the silver lining be? Maybe now you can have a real conversation with your child about how the holidays are not really about the presents they get underneath the tree. This is #mundanegratitude.

Every day in December we will be sharing a less than picture perfect situation on our Instagram and asking the question, can you still be grateful? At the end of every week, we will share a roundup of all of those posts here, and explore what we think the silver lining of those situations could be.

Practising #mundanegratitude is a way to recognize the good in your life, even when your day kicks your butt. Use #mundanegratitude to join our challenge on Instagram, we want to see what you are grateful for day to day!

Mundane Gratitude Roundup Dec 1-4

Mundane Gratitude Roundup Dec 5-11

Til next time Practical Yogis,


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8 thoughts on “30 Days of Mundane Gratitude

  1. Myles Butler says:

    I’m actually a fan of the #gratitude kinds of posts I see on social media, because I’d rather see that than a lot of the complaining and negativity I normally see. But I definitely agree that it’s important to cultivate gratitude for even the most basic things in life. Let’s hope gratitude for perfect sunsets and vacations can be a gateway drug for #mundanegratitude.

    Liked by 1 person

    • practicallyyoga says:

      We completely agree! But I think what we are trying to get at is that social media tends to be a gloss over real life. We want everyone to know that their lives are great- even if they can’t have sunsets and beaches every single day. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Cook says:

    I love this!
    Also, going hand in hand with finding the silver-lining is being at least a little grateful for even the shittiest of things, even if we can’t find gratitude in the moment, we might eventually be grateful for what the experience taught us or that it gave us motivation to change. Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lonelykeyboards says:

    Just picked this up on one of those WordPress ‘key word’ links. Thanks for calling the #blessed, #gratitude cliche. So much in the blogosphere is cloying and naive. For what it’s worth, I used ‘appreciate’ rather than ‘gratitude’. Noticing and enjoying, rather than attributing to some kind of power or being.
    Like the inclusion of ‘mundane’ too. Implying it is not about the big flashy things.
    So here’s a vote for “Everyday appreciation”. Or in modern characters, #EverydayAppreciation.
    Cheers, Bruce.


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