The Yoga of Should and Must

I’ve been reading The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna this week. Its excellent. Its also basically the definition of yoga. So in the spirit of bringing things that are off mat, on mat, and vice versa, I decided to write a post answering some of the questions posed in the book. Partially because I could use a cathartic writing exercise, and partially because I want you Practical Yogis to learn more about me!

  1. If you had one day to pursue some idea, activity or project, what are the three things that come to mind first?
    • designing my Tiny House
    • meditating on minimalism
    • practicing yoga
  2. Things you do just for fun:
    • yoga
    • adult colouring- as long as its not too complicated, or I can’t be bothered
    • clean out my closet
    • enjoy the great outdoors
  3. Something a friend does that you feel envious about:
    • teaches yoga on a regular basis (I will get there some day)
    • has confidence in who she is as a woman (Yoga is helping me unravel this ball of baggage)
  4. Things you do when you’re procrastinating:
    • binge Netflix
    • scroll through Instagram
    • design or colour something 
  5. An activity that gives you chills:
  6. Sights, smells, sounds or sensations that give you butterflies in your stomach
    • mountains
    • water
    • a beautiful breeze
    • listening to my cat purr
    • hip openers
  7. How long will you wait to honour who you are?
    • Hopefully, I am not waiting anymore. Some days I honour myself more than others. I am a work in progress, like everything else.
  8. The What-are-you-so-afraid-of-list:
    • change
    • failure
    • judgement
    • ridicule
  9. What is one action that you can take to honour your calling today?
    • Post this blog!

What I think is most useful about this book is that it gets you thinking about who you really are and what you want out of life. Which I think is the exact same thing that yoga does when you get down deep enough.

Do any of the above questions resonate with you? I would love to read your answers to these questions!

Til next time,


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