The Yoga of Mundane Gratitude

So its been a while since we’ve posted anything. Life happens. That is kind of why Elle and I started Practically Yoga in the first place; to show that yoga can always be the thing you come back to when you are ready. Its not going anywhere.

Anywho.. moving onto the topic of today. Gratitude.

Does anyone else get annoyed when they see #blessed or #grateful on someone’s social media? Be honest. It can’t just be me.

It’s not that I’m jaded or cynical. However, it does seem easy, straightforward and uncomplicated to feel blessed and grateful for the things these #’s are normally put on: like perfect sunsets, vacations, smiling family members, etc. I.E. when things are going great. And there is definitely nothing wrong with having these things in your life (who couldn’t use a vacation now and then?)

But Elle and I have been discussing the idea of being grateful for things that aren’t Instagram perfect. We’ve decided to call these things #mundanegratitude. We believe that if you can find gratitude in the everyday, and not just in the perfect moments, you can appreciate your life for what it is, rather than for what it is not. This is something I have written briefly about on our Tumblr.

Gratitude isn’t always perfect. It doesn’t have to be rainbows, sparkles and unicorns. There is no wrong way to be grateful.Tweet: There is no wrong way to be grateful. For example, Elle’s dog Luna was recently sick, she had to spend her day cleaning dog vomit. BUT, she got to work from home in her PJ’s. This is #mundanegratitude.

I haven’t been to a yoga class since I moved away from Waterloo in November. Its been hard. But, now I have developed a home practice that is there when I need it. Some days its just meditation, sometimes its the full primary series. Now, thanks to mundane gratitude, I am in control of my own practice.

Practising #mundanegratitude is a way to recognize the good in your life, even when your day kicks your butt. Use #mundanegratitude whenever you use social media, we want to see what you are grateful for day to day!

Til next time Practical Yogis,


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