Welcome Yogis!

And welcome other non-yogis too. If you don’t do yoga, we won’t judge. Anywho, welcome to Practically Yoga, where we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Elle &Bee and we met during our 200HR YTT in 2014 in Waterloo, Ontario. When Bee moved away for a job, we decided to embark on the Practically Yoga journey, using this space as a way to share our love of yoga with each other and hopefully with some of you! While our teaching backgrounds are in Ashtanga, Elle has gravitated towards Vinyasa flow practices, and Bee prefers Yin and Restorative Yoga. One thing is for sure, you will never see the same thing practice here twice.

Other than a shared love of yoga, we also love all things nerdy (i.e. Star Trek, Star Wars, anything related to Stars really), and our uniquely weird and adorable pets, Luna and Bacall, both of whom might make an appearance or two in our videos.

So welcome to Practically Yoga, where we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Our mission is to help you bridge the gap between practising yoga on your mat, and practising yoga in your life. We will be posting entries full of ‘granola’ (everything related to mental yoga and how you live your life off your mat), and guided practices integrating the granola into your life on the mat. Because, why wouldn’t you want to be a yogi badass on and off the mat?

Why Practically Yoga? Frankly, some days we just don’t feel like doing ‘real’ yoga. Some days we want to slack off and be lazy about it.

We want Practically Yoga to be a place where we can be our weird selves, and we hope you feel safe to do the same! So thanks for stopping by! Like, comment and share widely!

Til next time,

Elle & Bee


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